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Golfers’ egg

June 3, 2008 6 comments

I was thinking of what to eat the other day and suddenly remembered a simple but delicious dish that we used to eat as kids: golfer’s egg! Sent an email to my uncle and my father asking for the recipe – since my uncle replied first he gets the credit for being the inventor or discoverer of this dish! It was a very simple recipe:

· Chop 1 onion into small pieces.

· Fry the onion in butter.

· Keep it aside.

· Take 2 slices of bread.

· Cut a round piece of bread from both the bread slices and keep these 2 pieces aside.

· In the frying pan put some butter and place one slice of bread. Put the onion pieces on this slice.

· Place the other slice of bread on top this slice of bread with onions.

· Take one egg maybe two. Break it and empty the yolk in the centre and let the egg white flow around the bread.

· Cover the pan and wait till the egg is cooked. Please ensure you do not overheat..the bread will get burnt !!!

I managed to do it without any burning or spilling! Applied the first lesson of cooking: keep the heat on medium! Ended up with a delicious meal.

Good food, good reading material and peace of mind, what more can a guy ask for!?

Golfers\' egg

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