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One seconds life

April 1, 2008 7 comments

So, it was just another lazy Sunday, until I decided to go watch three short plays in Marathi. Then it became an interesting Sunday!

One of them was called “One second’s life”. It was about two people who are trapped under the front wheels of a bus and the last second of their life as the rear wheels approach them. It shows the thoughts that go through their minds, the conversations they have, the unfulfilled dreams that they will leave behind. One second was expanded to an hour. Very interesting concept (theatre noir?), executed with no props or sets, only light and sound and two good actors!

Made me think about the gift of life!

I made a new resolution: All my endeavors should be such that if someone were to tell me – you can’t do that anymore – I should be happy with what I have done so far. If I bowl four balls in an over and pull my hamstring, I should be happy with the 4 that I bowled and retire in peace!

In the meanwhile, I finally got my hands on a sketch book and some color pencils and sketched the window of my room and a lamp with a scarf hanging on it!

Sketch #1

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