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Enlightenment and shyte

January 12, 2010 11 comments

im’ma go away to a deserted island
and read and think and write and shyte
and then there’ll be a thunderbolt
and enlightenment will be mine

meh, thats not how it works,
enlightenment is shyte, overrated and all,
its a dark world, nobody gives a shyte about you!
so what if you want to be the ubermensch?

shyte, shyte, shyte, shyte, shyte!
how shall i make my choices!
tranquilo, tranquilo, silencio, silencio
no hay banda, no hay orquestra, it is all an illusion,

what people will come, what places will come,
will they bring ideas? will they bring peace?
or is it just a kaleidoscope that moves us all in turn?
this restless wanderer will soon find out.

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More tea with Mara or Shut up?!

July 24, 2008 1 comment

I was friended on Facebook recently by an interesting person named Dvorahji Dvorah Adler. She blogs here.

She says: Shut up and be happy! Enlightenment (==happiness?) is already within you, do not chase after it.

With respect to the original post, I want to analyze and respond to all of unawokens comments, but right now I feel empty. I am doing it more as an academic exercise than with real purpose. So, when it comes from within there shall be another post with more questions and perhaps some answers.